Luxury Escapes

Be able to finding stillness out in a Scandinavian nature reserve is luxury. Recharge, breath & be with yourself is always a good moment to find solitude and stability in life. Be close to Mother natures astonishing beauty. Be aware of every breath of fresh air you soak into your lungs and your bodysystem.

Be mindful of what you really want to do in your life and what ande where you want to spend your time and energy. By being kind, love yourself and take good care of your self first is life changing if you are person who always sets others well-being as a priority. Every little escape you will find for yourself is nurturing both for your body, mind & soul. It can be the place where you have your own Dharma – it is the place where you feel truly happy within.  Walking, do something creative like cooking, baking, paint, playing music, gardening or fishing. Whatever place that makes you happy and calm within.

Find a piece of this moment every single day and you will feel more content as a human, and always remember to live from heart in all your meetings. The meeting with yourself and in the meeting with others.

Take good care and love yourself

Love & Blessings

Raj Kiran

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Moments by the lake in a Swedish nature reserve.

Every single day I am waking up with gratitude. Gratitude to life, gratitude to what I have been blessed with in life. Beautiful daughters, adorable granddaughters, family & friends.  A wonderful and creative work, beautiful house, food on my table, a car that takes me wherever I want to go. Clothes, jewelries, perfumes, interior design props… You name it!

But what I also know is that I do not take anything of this for granted. Life is challenging to all of us by crisis, loss and unhappiness and all of us seems to strive for something else out there, something new to find fulfilment and happiness with. One thing I can ensure It is not out there you will find the true inner happiness, only quick satisfactions in the moment.

The best way to find selflove is to find and do the things that really makes you happy. Listen to your own heart and intuition.  Hangout with your closest family, friends, and warmhearted people will never be a regret the day you will leave your body. It is only within your own heart the changes will come, the love to yourself, to your neighbour, to a friend or a stranger. Do not follow othters stars, follow your own star. Empower yourself. Be who you truly want to be.

Changing my self, my own attitude and altitude to situations. Always asked myself, how can I change myself? What do I want to change, what do I not want to change, what makes me truly happy?

Be aware of your thinking mind and where it takes you.

Love will always been the greatest healing for your soul…


Raj108 Q1

Empowering affirmation jewelries & Crystals for your mind & daily reminders of selflove.

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Spend some minutes in the morning just for your own reflections its healing.

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A present mindful morning tea ritual – is as good as meditation.

DSCF4548-Luxuryescapes-soulfulliving-raj108 2

Linen kimono for a natural feeling against the skin.

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