It is your choice to make – not someone elses


Life is supposed to be lived in love and happiness. Do the things that make you really happy, beyond what you have been programmed with from the beginning. What do YOU love to do in life in your creativity? What is your mission in life? Everyone has a kind of mission in life, and that mission has to be found within your own heart. It’s a Dharma* thing. To feel great or be stuck in old patterns and behaviors that weren’t even yours from the beginning, is a choice you have to make. Breaking this chain of stored life experiences of all your ancestors and parents takes some effort of self-love, realization, caress your wounds with someone who hugs you when you are deep down, it really takes awareness in your body and mind. How you really feel within yourself and why? What are your thought patterns – how do you talk to yourself, and where do these thoughts and feelings come from? Track it back when you felt it the first time and observe it as a wise adult as you are today. ( Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been here searching)



You were born into this world as a pure innocent child with a blank slate. Except for stored DNA stuff from your ancestors and parents (and where did their stuff come from?). Have you realized that everything you carry with you that does not serve your life to live your full potential and was not even yours from the beginning? You learn, you feel and you want to be loved as you are. Most of the time we are not loved unconditionally by our parents or other people in our surrounding, all love that we need to get to survive will come with a lot of conditions. Do this and your pop will be happy and proud, or keep quiet for a while so your mom can rest and so on, or behave in a certain way in groups of people to be adapted in their community. The only thing we really want is to be loved, confirmed and to live happy in our lives, yet so many people struggle with this in our society


There are a lot of tools to find your way back into your own heart. This works, I know this because I have been through this myself. You can heal yourself.

YOGA*, meditation, mindfulness, body movement exercises, self-affirmation jewelries for everyday use as a reminder, crystal energies, sunlight, healing energies and love from others, massage, a hug, be close to someone with your body and in pure love and acceptance for who you are, be out in nature, nourishing food, energizing people that promote your wellbeing, close down social media and news most of the time (it’s a lot of filtering that needs to be done here). Live your days as much as possible away from a screen (except if your work is in front of a screen where you actually do important and meaningful things for others; it can be anything like art, music, games, products, social environments tasks with important work for a healthier world to live in. We all have to part up with this in one way or another. The most important of it all!! Find the people that vibe with you and the ones who love you unconditionally – You need to get love and a lot of hugs and caressing in your darkest time. You have to find your GURU* Live with heart in every meeting in life – within yourself and towards others.





The more one screams and want to be seen – the more attention one need


We are currently living in a huge ego-boosting society where we are not able to really see each other. Instead, everyone is just looking at themselves and their own aim for success, money and power. The more one screams and wants to be seen – the more attention you need – the more lack of self-love and a huge need for confirmation. It goes everywhere in society from leaders to influencers. Share love unconditionally! Many people give because they want something back. This is not love – this is still an ego-boosting, be aware of the difference. It is a simple choice to make. But you have to understand why? And for who and so on? Love is not a feeling in a moment – Love is our pure life force energy that is necessary for our survival on this planet. With self-love, you can heal your traumas within your body and mind. The opposite of love is fear – You cannot reach love if you choose to live in your fears. Fear is something that stops you from living your full potential.

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It is a craziness going on in the world. We are being fed with so much weird things in SoMe, news, and people with lots of crazy mindset. The most important thing one has to do today is to heal within and love oneself. The only way is to begin with yourself. To meet others from the heart and be a helpful, caring, compassionate person as much as you are able to, without sacrificing your own self-love. If you do not give to yourself first, you will not be able to give to others without draining yourself.


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Always remember that every new day is a new chance to change. It’s by your own failures you will be able to rise again and to learn how. It is out of your own crisis and deep down experience you can rise up again as a stronger, wiser and more self-loving person. Great things never come from our comfort zones and all success we see of happy, successful and fulfilled people in this world has really been out of their comfort zones, done this and worked with their own traumas. “Roma uno die non est condita” and you never see the bottom of the iceberg.


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Traumas that are stuck in our body & mind can come from generations back – it’s inherent in your DNA pattern, heritage and environment. All this comes from your ancestors and as a daily exposure from your parents’ behaviors towards you when you grew up in your childhood. It is also about how you experience and judge yourself together with others – their actions and words towards you in your lifetime. These feelings and patterns probably comes from your childhood and generations back, and can be healed. A lot of things you struggle with in your life are probably not your own traumas. You inherited most of it. When you heal – you will break that inherited pattern and start to live out from your own full potential.



Dare to love, be close, reach your higher inner realm together


With love in a union in a relationship, you can mirror yourself and go even deeper to find out your wounds and traumas. It is called a sacred relationship where ego-boosting and conditions shall not take space. Instead, meet your inner fears together, love each other unconditionally, heal each other with the loving energy within that sacred space. Dare to love, be close, reach your higher inner realm together. Always choose love in every single moment – throw away your fear, it doesn’t serve you at all. Stay connected to love in your body, mind and soul and meditate it out in the consciousness to raise the loving energy on this planet. It will be the only way to save us as humans.

LOVE IS ALWAYS -Love is not a condition. It is our true life force energy in our consciousness. When you understand and open up to it, you will also be aware of your task and mission in life – The secret lies within your Dharma to fulfill yourself.


The journey of love has to start within you <3


With LOVE – Raj Kiran


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the meaning of yoga is the union between your body, mind and soul (your higher self). It is not only yoga postures. The postures you only do because of getting rid of your physical blockages that you have built up through all the traumas you experience in your life. Physical and psychological.



is someone who can lead you from your darkness into your light love and happiness. This Guru can be anyone who is wise enough to lead you in the right direction in life. They are everywhere on this planet, you just have to find yours. If you are open to getting help, you will feel and find which ones are yours, just keep your eyes open and they will come and help you out.

GURU = From darkness to light GU=darkness RU=Light



can be explained as when you are in your full potential beyond feeling time and space doing the things that make you happy within your heart. A thing that also serves others in your mission here on this planet. So for example, if you love to decorate beautiful spaces – as me, you do this for others as well because you create an environment where others can feel relaxed, happy and welcome. Your home is a place where you are supposed to live in love, recharge and fill up with new energy. Your surroundings for inner peace are of major importance.


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