Behind RAJ 108 stands its founder, Pernilla Raj Kiran Boström, who has always had a passion for spaces and human well-being.

With her deep interest in spirituality and her background as a kundalini yoga and mindfulness teacher, she felt the need to unite her lifelong interest in entrepreneurship, interior design, sustainable production, and secondhand goods with her spiritual journey.


With years of experience in brand building, product development, and large-scale interior projects, she identified what was missing in the market and created RAJ 108.

“With my brand, I appeal to customers who appreciate beautiful environments, quality, design, and value the interplay between spiritual well-being and what happens in the physical space we live in,” she says. “I have always believed in the power of creating meaningful shopping experiences and contributing to a feeling in the rooms of our customers. For me, it’s important that feeling, values, and profitability go hand in hand and that I truly add something genuine in the physical sales channels. That every individual feels that what we create and do is real and authentic, that we speak and act from the heart with our customers through our concept. Too often, we buy things for the wrong reasons, things that lack real meaning or connection to our lifestyle and direction on a deeper level, and that’s what we at RAJ 108 aim to provide – a better alternative.”

RAJ 108


Within us all lies an inherent power and love. Above all else, our products seek to inspire belief in oneself and to follow our inner intuition and true convictions. This is why we use different affirmation such the message of SAT NAM on many of our pieces – a reminder to live in our true identity.



Our jewelry collections reflect this magic in many ways. They encourage a life of self-love and openness, where your inner compass leads you forward. Each piece of jewelry, sparkling with crystals and positive messages, carries a mindful reminder of love and positivity. These soulful and 14K gold-plated pieces serve as a daily reminder of life’s beauty and its wondrous gifts.


Live from the Heart – three words that encapsulate an enchanting power.

– three words that encapsulate an enchanting power. Our jewelry collections reflect this magic in many ways. They encourage a life of self-love and openness, where your inner compass leads you forward. Each piece of jewelry, sparkling with crystals and positive messages, carries a mindful reminder of love and positivity. These soulful and 14K gold-plated pieces serve as a daily reminder of life’s beauty and its wondrous gifts.

RAJ 108 is Investing in Sustainable Living

The Fusion of Five Elements for a Soulful Living

Behold the dawn of a new era, where business meetings are guided by the heart’s compass, illuminating the path towards a sustainable future. Within this realm, every moment dedicated to the brand serves as an investment in our collective destiny.

RAJ 108 is a wondrous tapestry woven of threads of sustainability, modernity, and spiritual traditions. It kindles the embers of a loving, unhurried way of life, fostering harmony between self-care and the environment. Its offerings encompass a range of interior design, clothing, jewelry, spa and wellness products, imbued with wisdom and insights from ancient traditions, personal experiences, and knowledge. From newly produced, natural materials to thoughtfully curated vintage jewelry, second-hand furniture, and decor, RAJ 108’s wares echo its ethos of mindful living.

“I believe in the power of true storytelling, and seek and create products that carry a meaningful experience or still have a lot to offer in a room or for an individual,” says the visionary creator behind RAJ 108. Its motto, “Grace, Master & Empower your Universe,” encapsulates the brand’s essence, inspiring customers to create their best selves and surroundings. RAJ 108’s offerings embody this spirit, encouraging mindful living through the five senses. Its newly produced products are crafted from natural materials through fair trade, ensuring recyclability, while the second-hand treasures are given new life, inviting the customer on a journey of discovery.

Pernilla Raj Kiran Boström

– CEO, creator & founder of RAJ 108





RAJ 108

– A Holistic Lifestyle Brand for a Soulful Living & the 5 senses

RAJ 108 is a lifestyle brand that focuses on helping individuals achieve soulful living by empowering their universe and mastering their senses. The brand offers a wide range of products and services that cater to different aspects of life.

HOME – EARTH Collection

Relax and Recharge

The HOME collection is designed to provide a relaxing and recharging environment for individuals to rest and recover. Featuring earthy home decor items that promote tranquility and peace, this collection helps create a serene atmosphere.



A Sanctuary for the Mind, Body, and Soul

The SANCTUARY WATER collection features luxurious bath and spa products that offer a sanctuary for the mind, body, and soul. Additionally, the collection includes yoga and mindfulness products that help individuals achieve inner peace.


JEWELRY – FIRE Collection

Healing Energy of daily affirmations, symbols for selflove, Crystals and Gemstones

The JEWELRY collection is built on the energy of fire and the healing properties of crystals and gemstones, and the empowering in affirmation and symbols of love and to live with heart. Each piece is handcrafted with the intention of promoting positive energy and healing.



Achieving Balance and Harmony

The ETHER CRYSTAL collection features vibrational frequencies and healing properties that help individuals achieve balance and harmony in their lives.


In summary, RAJ 108 offers a holistic approach to soulful living and self-love. The brand provides products and services that promote daily strengthening affirmations, relaxation, mindfulness, and healing for the body, mind, and soul.

Raj108 Q1


The element EARTH

– a sanctuary of rejuvenation, where every corner is infused with exquisite details of vintage elegance and unparalleled design. We breathe new life into beautiful old treasures, creating a haven of unique embellishments that invigorate the soul.

As we use to say – home is where heart is
Welcome to join our world of spiritual tools and reminders to empower, grace & master your own Universe and inner space.

We offer spiritual tools and reminders to empower, grace, and master one’s own universe. we believe that living with heart is essential to achieve happiness. we offer unique items with sustainable human well-being in mind and believe that every household and relationship has its own flow of energy.

Home is where the heart is, and to live in synchronicity with Mother Earth and the universe, it’s great to use different tools to clear out unwanted negative energies, let in new positive energies, balance chakras, clear the mind, and reach a deeper understanding of life. we offer Physical tools and interior items such as interiortextiles, lightings, towels, statues, decoration items, crystals, malas, and affirmation jewelry as decoration can all be used to promote positive energy and good vibes in homes. we believe that we are all one but unique, and each one of us must find our own path to true love and happiness.

A spiritual place is where you live happy

Raj108 Q1


The element of FIRE

RAJ 108 creates ethical and artisanal jewelry using high-quality gemstones and crystals. They partner with small suppliers in India and Bali to ensure fair trade practices. Their range of products includes pendants, malas, and bracelets made with rose quartz, lapis lazuli, and moonstone. They also offer gold-plated jewelry made of genuine sterling silver, featuring symbols and pendants made of brass. Each gemstone and crystal carries distinct characteristics that cater to individual needs, including daily affirmations and reminders to promote self-love.

Raj108 Q1


The element of WATER

Spa & Wellness at Raj 108, we have always been fascinated by the transformative power of water. We believe that with every drop of water you absorb, you enhance your ability to move with effortless grace and heighten your awareness. This allows you to align your mind and body in a seamless dance of passion and pleasure.

Water represents intuition, adaptability, and flow, qualities that we hold dear. Every time you connect with water, you raise its energy within you, and you also enhance these qualities in your mind and body.

Our wellness tools were originally designed for our personal use, but we have decided to share them with you. We believe these tools are valuable and hope that you will find them helpful for your wellness journey.

DSCF4704-Luxuryescapes-soulfulliving-raj108 3


The element AIR

Breath, flow, smell, touch – The Behold the exquisite garments of Raj 108; crafted with the finest fabrics, these luxury robes in pure linen with luxury silky embroideries, sleeve tops, yoga trousers, and harem pants drape effortlessly upon your form and are made to wear, letting the energy channels move freely in the body system. Adorned with batik prints and self-love affirmations, each piece is a masterful creation brought to life by the skilled hands of small-scale suppliers, tailors, and women’s collectives in Bali and India. Embracing the magic of fair trade, the artisans who bring these enchanting garments to life thrive in a nourishing environment where dignity and respect are woven into every stitch.

Raj108 Q1


The element of ETHER

The Power of Ether and Vibrations: Aum and Beyond

The universe is made up of sound vibrations, with ether being the primary source of energy. Our mind, body, and soul are all impacted by these frequencies in unique ways.

Crystals, Beads & Gemstones: Harnessing Ancient Wisdom
According to ancient philosophy, crystals have the ability to interact with the body’s energy field and promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. There are many different ways to use crystals, beads, and gemstones, such as wearing them on your body, using them to purify negative energies in a space, or using them as beautiful interior decorations. The Chakras are the body’s high energy points, and wearing crystal jewelry can help to open them up, allowing energy to flow freely and balance the body and mind. Our jewelry is designed to target specific Chakra points, as well as being unique and aesthetically pleasing.

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