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Heart Chakra bracelet magnesite 7 mm

350 kr
Heart Yantra Magnesite Bracelet Handknotted pearlwhite thread. ANAHATA the heart chakra is associated with balance, calmness, and serenity. MAGNESITE used at the heart chakra it says be a very powerful stone that helps you to bring a extraordinary sense of personal happiness into your inner world. Says help you to love yourself. Magnesite is an stone to boost your self-esteem. This stone has a lovely calming vibration that is a pleasure to wear. Stimulates your mind to communicate with your heart. Magnesite says to be specially good for women to wear.

Lotus Sat Nam bracelet Magnesite 4 mm

350 kr
A beautiful bracelet made of a detailed brass Lotus flower and small 4 mm lava beads. SAT NAM brass plate and Handknotted with lavabeads from Bali