We create our own design on a major part of our products & choose our assortment to be unique. You can select from a range of gold & gemstone jewelries, unique vintage jewelry, crystals, and home accessories.

Our Jewelry, gemstones and crystals – Unique design

 All our jewelry is developed and most of it is designed by RAJ 108. We work exclusively with small suppliers in India and In Bali who make all our jewelry by hand. We are careful to keep a fair-trade business with everyone we trade from. Most of the products are our own production and some are accessories, jewelry, and pendants, uniquely handpicked on trips in India, Bali and from other small suppliers worldwide. Our malas – long necklacesare hand-knotted with a knot between each bead and have 108 beads, according to tradition and are of very high quality. Several of our bracelets arehand-knotted and very nicely braided to the smallest detail. Our symbols and RAJ 108 pendants and plates are all made of 100% brass.

Gemstones & Crystals

We have gemstones and crystals such as smoke quartz, black onyx, labradorite, zirconer, magnesite, hematite, pyrite, tourmaline, rose quartz, lapislazuli, aragonite, aqua calcedonitis, selenite, moonstone, quartz crystals, sunstone, turquoises, black moonstone, red tangerine, jad, snow quartz &agate etc. All with different characteristics for what you need.

 Goldplated jewelry on 925 Sterlingsilver

All our golden jewellery are 18K Goldplated on 925 silver with faceted or non-faceted precious gemstones. Goldplated rings has a thin layer of pure gold, which will come off by time – sooner or later, depending on the care of use. Avoid shower and water to make it sit longer. Beneath the gold there is pure solid 925 Sterlingsilver.

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